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Monday, 31 October 2011


Inspired by his animated short, Seasons Greetings, screenwriter Michael Dougherty makes his feature length debut with the sick and twisted anthology Trick R' Treat.
It's not necessarily scary but it's one helluva a good ride. Like a Halloween party in film form, it goes by quicker than you want it to and leaves no bitter aftertaste. Merciless killing, all sorts of twists and spooky masks make for one of the most tastiest bloody rides you'll go on in a while.
It's nice and short so it could easily become an annual tradition to have a few drinks with it before heading out to the party. Sadly the film never saw theatrical release but has managed to hold it's own with an instant cult following.
Trick R' Treat captures the essence of the Halloween spirit perfectly and deserves to be seen.

3½ candy covered razorblades out of 5

1 comment:

Impudent Urinal said...

Watched it on the Fear channel's 24 hour marathon. Enjoyed much more than I thought.
3 I'd be ok with the disemboweling if she at least fucked me first out of 5