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Monday, 17 October 2011


Punk rock Canadian director Bruce McDonald's films are well known by Canadians, The Ramones and Quentin Tarantino...but that's about it. Pontypool isn't going to change that.
It's a zombie flick that isn't a zombie flick. It deals with the meanings of language, linguistics, off the wall Canadian humour and the first 45 minutes completely takes place in a radio booth.
As outrageous as some of the ideas get, if you really think about it they're both wickedly funny and incredibly original. It does lag in a few spots but it's quickly made up by the entertaining performances.
Pontypool packs in the scares, the laughs, the WTFs and the snow all in one. Well worth seeking out if you're bored of the usual zombie fare.

3 ½ Meaningless Words out of 5


Lyedecker said...

would make a good stage play too.

reminded me less of zombies and more of romero's the crazies though

cuckoo77 said...

Lye, you're absolutely right.

I can't believe I never even thought of the comparison to "The Crazies".

I owe you a Coke.