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Saturday, 1 October 2011

MARTYRS [2008]

This "lovely" French-Canadian example of absolute horror is a revenge tale at heart and the other half a mystery of sorts as it keeps you guessing just what the hell is going on.
I won't tell you anything about it, to prevent any spoilage but I can tell you the first time I saw it I wondered why I was watching this gruesomely violent film that seemed to have no boundaries. After it was done, I was satisfied with what I had seen and experienced and made a note to watch it again sooner than later, particularly to study the brilliant performances from the two female leads.
Beneath the extreme gore and violence, lay a compelling, albeit disturbing, tale that begged to be told.
It's filled with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and preventing you from turning it off, just to see how it eventually unfolds.

4 Nailed On Masks out of 5


budarc said...

I watched it for the first time last Halloween on your recommendation during our STS Facebook trailer posting spree. I'm starting to think this movie is part of a yearly visitation for you. ;)

A 4.5 from the Budmeister. One of the most unsettling endings EVER.

cuckoo77 said...

I can NEVER get the bathtub scene out of my head.

NEVER. Superb film.